How to get women on camera Tips and Tricks

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How to get women on camera Tips and Tricks

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 15, 2013 10:09 pm

Are you having trouble getting girls on Camera? well here are some tip'S.
Best places to get on camera:
4.Public restrooms
How do i get a camera inside of The bathroom?
Since women go to stall's to do their buisness they will be busy go into a stall and get your recording device (It is ALWAYS helpful to camoflauge it However you don't have to) Once you put it in their go to the stall next to you  and wait.... When the victim walks in and does their buisness and leaves Go into the stall they were in and take the recording device (Optional) and leave OR wait for a Few more victims.

What do i do if you get Caught in the bathroom?
As long as they don't see you with a camera you will be Fin, just say that you walked in by accident

What if they find the recording device?
Well sadly you can't do much....

1.DO NOT!!! go into a place where you go all the time (Unless you are VERY careful)

What is the best girl i ever got?
A young 14 Year old Wearing Spandex COMPLETLEY Nude!


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